A common way to generate revenue to enable you to create and maintain a website, is to display advertising. Not everybody appreciates advertising, however, and visitors often use an ad blocker.

We sometimes get questions from people asking if it is possible for the Revive Adserver software to work around those ad blockers. The answer is, unfortunately, no. However, there are ways to detect if an ad blocker is in use, and then to ask visitors to disable it, or to at least whitelist the site they're visiting so that advertising will be displayed there after all.

If you run your site using WordPress, you could use the Ad Blocking Advisor plugin to display a message across the top of the page. We haven't tested it ourselves (we don't use ad blockers, for the obvious reason that people working in the field of online advertising would be real hypocrites if they'd be using an ad blocker), but the plugin has very positive reviews. Well worth checking out!